ORG CHEM Group is a technology based company specializing in the distillation of heat sensitive materials via short path distillation.



We provide:

  • Custom distillation & toll processing

  • Recycling of heat sensitive materials 

  • Products based on our heat sensitive material platforms







The tear drop logo and words ORG CHEM Group are the registered trademark of ORG CHEM Group, LLC

Thermaflo® is a registered trademark of ORG CHEM Group, LLC

PowerGard™is a trademark of ORG CHEM Group, LLC

ORG CHEM Group Terms and Conditions of Sale


Joseph Chiaroni – President

Keith Mangham – Director of Manufacturing Operations

TJ Dugan – Glycol Business Unit Manager

Chad Diefenbaugh – Engineering Manager

Richard Beemsterboer – HTF Business Manager
Cathy Ehrhart – Business Development Manager – Glycols

2016 Specialty & Agro Chemicals America, Charleston, SC.
2016 AAPEX , Las Vegas, NV
2016 IMPACT, Indianapolis, IN


Dowtherm™ A Reprocessed quantities in stock, compare vs. virgin fluid 

New!  PowerGard™ Fleet Antifreeze. NAPS free w/750m & 6 year life*