PowerGard™  Premium Gold Antifreeze

is a premium true universal antifreeze/coolant that can be used as a top-off or a complete flush and fill in virtually any application.   It's HOAT chemistry is designed for both light duty automotive and heavy duty diesel use.  

PowerGard Gold provides all season protection when used as directed, it offers superior 5-way protection against:

Freeze-up/Boil Over,  Scale Build Up,  Wet Sleeve Liner Pitting, Rust Corrosion,  Sludge/Clogging



• Meets Light Duty ASTM D-3306 and Heavy Duty ASTM D-6210

• One product for Light Duty and Heavy Duty Applications.

• No need to add SCA's or chemical filters.

• 50/50 version is blended with pure De-Ionized water for your quality concerns.

• Phosphate free and low silicate - the choice for Japanese and Korean models

• Light Duty - 5 years/150,000 miles,   Heavy Duty - 3 years/300,000 miles



PowerGard Gold is blended with proprietary additives designed to safely meet the performance specifications of (but not limited to):

ASTM D-3306. ASTM D-6210

Ford WSS-M97B51,  Ford ESE-M97B44-D Chrysler MS 7170, GM 1825M,  GM 1899M, Freightliner, International, TMC RP329, Detroit Diesel, GE Locomotive, Caterpillar DEAC,  John Deere, Cummins Engine,  Volvo Trucks, Mercedes, Navistar, Komatsu, Case New Holland, 


Appearance Visual Gold/Yellow
Specific Gravity at 60/60ºF      1.053 - 1.083      D 1122
Freeze Point, at 50% max      -34ºF      D 3321
pH at 50% Solution      8.5 - 10.0      D 1287
Reserve Alaklinity min.      2.5      D 1121
Foam Test      150ml/5 sec      D 1881


Available as 50/50 or concentrate

Available in Gallon Jugs, Drums, Totes and Bulk