Fluids & Oils


Rolling Oils

Rolling oils refer to a special class of lubricants utilized mostly in cold mill processing.  Such oils are typically mixtures of paraffinic and naphthenic hydrocarbons to which various alcohols and esters have been added for optimum performance.

In use, such oils serve to increase roll-life and reduce mill power consumption by reducing roll loads and vibration.  Over time, however, these rolling oils become contaminated with other oils and hydraulic fluids that are less volatile and can impact product quality issues such as staining.

At ORG CHEM Group, we offer an attractive option to the replacement of such fluids through a distillation based reclamation process that returns contaminated rolling oils to their virgin specifications without thermal degradation and without the removal of performance enhancing additives.


Hydraulic Fluids

At ORG CHEM Group, hydraulic fluids refer to a special class of oils and lubricants used in high pressure or high temperature applications ranging from automatic transmissions, to certain industrial or “heavy” equipment and commercial aircraft. The composition of hydraulic fluids may include mineral oils, phosphate esters, silicones, polyalphaolefins, and fluorocarbons.

In use, hydraulic fluids are typically exposed to high pressures and high temperature.  Over time, this results in performance degradation due to contamination as well as viscosity break down.  At ORG CHEM Group, these contaminants can be removed through custom distillation to yield reclaimed fluids matching their original performance specifications and rendering them completely suitable for return to service.