ORG CHEM Group prides itself on its unparalleled customer service and logistics.  

One of the ways we insure that we meet our customers needs is through the use of our in-house trucking fleet, Carson's Transport, a fully authorized ICC common carrier with 6 trucks and over 50 bulk tankers.  ORG CHEM Group also has a fleet of nineteen leased railcars.  

While we also use third party carriers, having our own fleet allows us to be sure we can meet our customers specialized or critical needs. 


Contact Information:

Dave Osbourne       Director - Supply Chain    (812) 759-8224   dosbourne@chem-group.com     

Joe Carrel                Manager - Logistics          (812) 759-8223   jcarrel@chem-group.com

Kristi Collins             Customer Service            (812) 759-8226   kcollins@chem-group.com