Polyflo® Aromatic Oils

Polyflo® 5



Polyflo® 5 is a C11-C24 high flash aromatic naphtha solvent.  The aromatic content of Polyflo® 5 is typically >99%.  The product has no detectable level of naphthalene at a detection limit of 500 ppm.  Applications include refining, fuel, and lube additives, industrial cleaning, sealants, and as a processing fluid.

Property Test Method                                                        Specifications
Specific Gravity, @60°F ASTM D 1298                             0.981 – 1.012
Viscosity, @40°C ASTM D 445                                            4.0 – 6.0
Flash Point, °F ASTM D 92                                                 270 minimum


Shipping Information

Polyflo® 5 is available in rails cars (180,000 lbs net weight), trucks (45,000 lbs net weight), tote (2,300 lbs net weight), and drum (470 lbs net weight).


Safety and Handling Information

For specific information on the safe handling of this product, please, refer to the material safety data sheet.  Copies are available upon request.