Polyflo® HP 110


Petroleum Pitch plant expansion nearing completion



Polyflo® HP 110 is a highly refined isotropic petroleum pitch used as a precursor for carbon fibers and as an impregnation pitch for graphite electrodes. 


Property Test Method                                                                                Specifications
Ash, Weight-% ASTM D-2415 (Modified)                                                    0.2 maximum
Coking Value, Weight-% ASTM D-2416                                                     47.0  minimum
Flash Point, °F ASTM D 92                                                                        260°C minimum
Toluene Insoluble Residue, Weight-% ASTM D 4072                                    7.0 maximum
Quinoline Insoluble Residue, Weight-% ASTM D 2318                                 0.2 maximum
Softening Point, °C ASTM D 3104                                                                       110 – 120
Sulfur, Weight-% ASTM D 4294                                                                    1.0 maximum


Shipping Information

Polyflo® HP110 is available in bulk and cast drums.

Safety and Handling Information For specific information on the safe handling of this product, please, refer to the material safety data sheet.  Copies are available upon request.