Armomatic Oils Overview



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Polyflo® products represent ORG CHEM Group’s unique line of aromatic process oils that find applications in a variety of industries, but are used primarily as plasticizers.

ORG CHEM Group recently introduced AROMATIC 200ND (CAS # 64742-94-5).  

This material is characterized as a complex mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons obtained from distillation of aromatic streams derived from crude oil. It is a liquid solvent used in industrial applications such as fuel additives, paints and coatings, pesticides and solvent applications. 


Exceptional Compatibility in PVC & Epoxy Systems

Totally Aromatic Product Exhibits High Solvency

Low Viscosity Improves Rheology, Reduces Processing Time & Temperature, Promotes Filler Wetting, and Facilitates High Solids Loading

High Boiling Range Offers Low Volatility and Improved Heat Stability

An Economical Replacement For Primary Phthalate Plasticizers


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Polyflo® is a registered trademark of ORG CHEM Group LLC.