Calflo™ HTF

For applications up to 326°C


Petro-Canada’s CALFLO™ HTF is a premium quality heat transfer fluid designed specifically for use in systems operating at temperatures up to 326° C (620° F). CALFLO™ HTF is a blend of pure HT hydrocracked base oils and a patented additive system. CALFLO™ HTF is a unique heat transfer fluid which combines the thermal efficiency and cleanliness of a paraffinic hydrocarbon with the high temperature stability of a chemical aromatic.

CALFLO™ HTF is non-hazardous, non-toxic and odourless. CALFLO™ HTF does not require special handling and is not considered a "controlled substance" under United States OSHA, Canadian WHMIS, or other workplace regulations.


Petro-Canada’s CALFLO™ HTF is recommended for use in non-pressurized, indirectly heated, liquid phase heat transfer systems operating with bulk temperatures up to 326° C (620° F) and tubeskin film temperatures as high as 343° C (650° F).

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