Globaltherm™ M 


A proven highly refined, mineral-oil based heat transfer fluid for continuous service and high performance

Operating Range

-10°C to 320°C (14°F to 608°F)


Globaltherm™ M is a high performance mineral heat transfer fluid suitable for use up to temperatures of 320°C (608°F) with a max film temperature of 330°C (626°F). Made from refined base stocks, this heat transfer fluid has excellent thermal and oxidation stability. These attributes twinned with low vapour pressure and good thermal conductivity make this fluid very popular across all industries.

Both non toxic and non corrosive this product will not effect seal materials and with the correct system maintenance Globaltherm™ M will provide excellent service life.

Designed to for use in closed circuit heat transfer systems at or near atmospheric pressure, Globaltherm™ M is an economical and efficient heat transfer fluid.


Globaltherm™ M is the most popular and versatile product in our range, it is ideal for both heating and waste heat recovery processes. A popular oil within many manufacturing sectors, from industrial laundries to the timber and metal industries, Globaltherm™ M will suit countless applications.



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