Globaltherm™ NF 


Globaltherm™ NF is a highly efficient, non-toxic, non fouling heat transfer fluid capable of temperatures up to 326°C (619°F).

Operating Temperatures

 -20°C (-4°F) to 326°C (619°F)

This exceptional fluid is made from highly refined mineral oils meaning it is non-hazardous, non-toxic and odourless which means it requires no special handling and is not considered a “controlled substance” under United States OSHA, Canadian WHMIS or other work place regulations.

Because Globaltherm™ NF contains less impurities (e.g. sulphur) it will oxidise at a much slower rate than normal mineral oils. Impurities when broken down in the presence of heat can lead to carbon deposits on the inside of heat transfer surfaces; this will cause inefficiency and potentially system failure. This fluid can help toward reducing maintenance requirements.

Usually when starting up a thermal fluid system in order to prevent overheating in certain areas you will wait for the heat transfer fluid to become viscous enough for turbulent flow, before turning to full power. Globaltherm™ NF boasts a much lower viscosity than an average mineral fluid, 19.7 cSt compared to 29.8 cSt* (@40°C), this difference means NF can help achieve fast, economical, start ups.

The unparalleled purity of this product means it is popular in many industries where there is potential for contact with any product due for human consumption. NF is designed for use in non-pressurised, indirectly heated, liquid phase heat transfer systems.

*Compared to Globaltherm™ M


Globaltherm™ NF is versatile in its application and is ideal for both heating and waste heat recovery processes. A very popular product within the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry due to its purity, this product is also highly regarded in the chemical and plastics industries .


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