Marlotherm® FP

For applications up to 300° C (572°F)


MARLOTHERM® FP is an economical, non-toxic, organic heat transfer fluid for use in the high temperature heating and cooling of closed circuit, non-pressurized heat transfer systems under forced circulation.

MARLOTHERM® FP exhibits excellent thermal stability and heat transfer efficiency in the range from 140° F (60° C) to 572° F (300° C), but may be used intermittently at film temperatures as high as 617° F (325° C).

MARLOTHERM® FP is NSF registered for use in food grade applications.

MARLOTHERM® FP can be used in systems requiring start-up temperatures as low as 19° F (-7° C) without the need for heat tracing.

MARLOTHERM® FP is relatively stable to air, but should be used with a low inert gas back pressure of 3-10 psi at bulk outlet temperatures up to 572° F (300° C).

MARLOTHERM® FP is non-corrosive and is compatible with most fluoroelastomers and oil resistant mineral fiber reinforced rubber elastomers.  At higher temperatures, metal reinforced graphite gaskets should be used.

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