Thermaflo® Flush Fluid


THERMAFLO® flushing fluid is an aromatic mineral oil, which is relatively safe to use, low cost, and is an excellent tar solvent. It is comparable in solvency to a flammable solvent such as toluene, without the safety and toxicity issues.


THERMAFLO® also breaks loose baked on carbon deposits, by wetting the metal better and getting under the hard solids.
Use for flushing is very simple: Drain the system, preferably while still warm, and refill with enough THERMAFLO® to circulate to all parts of the system (usually 70 to 100% of fill volume). Heat system to just below the flash point of 280F (140C), and circulate for 8-12 hours. The fluid should turn black, and get more viscous.


Any THERMAFLO® remaining in the system after draining is compatible with heat transfer fluids, and should vent from the system expansion tank when coming up to normal operating temperature.


CHEM Group will pick up the “used” THERMAFLO® for reprocessing. The customer pays freight only if we take it back, or it can be burned locally for energy recovery.

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