Heat Transfer Fluids 

ORG CHEM Group has been in the high temperature heat transfer fluid business for over 15 years, in both reclaiming and in virgin product positions.  We have a fully equipped technical service and research lab in our Evansville, Indiana headquarters.  We provide the complete life-cycle service to manage your fluids from supply of new fluids, technical support of in-service fluids, and recycle & reclaim or disposition of degraded fluids.  Give us a chance to prove our value proposition to you.



Marlotherm® fluids have been used by the chemical process industry for over 25 years  and are manufactured by Sasol.  ORG CHEM Group is the exclusive distributor for these products in the U.S. and Canada.  Marlotherm® fluids can be operated in non-pressurized and pressurized heat transfer systems.   

Marlotherm® SH – for use to 350°C (662°F)

Marlotherm® LH – for use from 0°C to 360°C (680°F) 

Marlotherm® N   -  for use to 300°C  (572°F)



Thermaflo® fluids are ORG CHEM Group exclusive products that serve a range of operating temperatures and conditions.  These fluids meet all OEM requirements and are compatable with fluids of similar chemistries.  Thermalfo® fluids provide excellent in-service perfromance and can save you money.  

Thermaflo® 660  – for use to 343°C (650°F)

Thermaflo® 660  – for use to 350°C (662°F)

Thermaflo® A     - for use to 400°C (750°F)



CHEM Group is an authorized distributor for Petro-Canada's Calflo™ line of heat transfer fluids.  These products perform over a wide range of temperatures in non-pressurized, liquid phase, closed heat transfer systems. The formulations meet the performance, environmental and workplace health and safety needs of a wide range of processing applications.

CALFLO™ AF is applicable for systems requiring a greater fluid resistance to oxidative breakdown operating at bulk temperatures up to 316°C/600°F

CALFLO™ HTF is a premium fluid recommended for systems operating at bulk temperatures up to 326°C/620°F


Reprocessed Heat Transfer Fluids

ORG CHEM Group has been reprocessing Heat Transfer Fluids through its proprietary vacuum distillation technology for over 15 years.  During the course of our business, we often end up with competitive fluids from situations such as plant shutdowns or decommissioning units.  In these cases, we offer these reprocessed fluids to the market.  These fluids meet OEM requirements and are compatable with virgin fluids of similar chemistries.  Examples of heat transfer fluids we reclaim include Dowtherm A, Therminol VP-1 and Therminol 66 fluids.

Please contact our representative to get our current stock position of reclaimed fluids.


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Marlotherm® is a registered trademark of Sasol Germany GmbH

Thermaflo® is a registered trademark of ORG CHEM Group LLC

Calflo™is the property of and is used under license from Petro-Canada American Lubricants