PolyFreeze™ Long-Life 50/50

Is an advanced formula product designed for use in passanger cars and up to light duty diesel engines.  Used as directed, PolyFreeze Long-Life Antifreeze, offers superior performance in virtually all light duty applications.  It is a unique combination of corrosion inhibitors using a low silicate and phosphate free and 2-EH free formula.  PolyFreeze Long-Life provies protection against:

• Freeze-up,  Scale Build Up,  Corrosion,  Boil Over,  Sludge, Clogging, Rust, Seal Failure

Can be used as a top-off but to maximize protection, a complete flush and fill should be performed.


• Meets ASTM D-3306 Light Duty Specifications
• Compatable with Hybrid and OAT coolants - including Dexcool™
• 50/50 premix is blended with pure De-Ionized water for your quality needs
• Light Duty applications - 5 years / 150,000 miles
• Phosphate free and low silicate - the choice for Japanese and Korean models
• Proven technology over decades of use
• For safety purposes all PolyFreeze antifreeze is blended with a bittering agent.


PolyFreeze Premium Green AntiFreeze is blended with proprietary additives designed to safely meet the performance specifications of (but not limited to):

ASTM D-3306

Chrysler MS-7170.  GM 1899M, GM 1825M, TMC RP 302A,  JIS K 2234,  Ford ESE M97B44-D, Ford WSS-M97B51-A1 


Typical Properties
Appearance Orange/Red Visual
Specific Gravity at 60/60ºF      1.053 - 1.083      D 1122
Freeze Point, at 50% max      -34ºF      D 3321
pH at 50% Solution      8.5 - 10.0      D 1287
Reserve Alaklinity min.      2.5      D 1121
Foam Test      150ml/ 5 sec      D 1881


Available as 50/50 premix or in concentrate form

Available in Gallon jugs, Drums, Totes or Bulk