Heat Transfer Fluids 


Over time, all heat transfer fluids degrade.  In the early stages of degradation, fluid viscosity rises, heat transfer efficiency declines, fluids darken, and odor intensifies.  Even in the best circumstances this results in lower overall system efficiency and higher energy costs.

In more advanced states of fluid degradation, fluid viscosity rises more sharply and thick tars or residues build up in system vessels and piping.  Once this occurs, system efficiency drops off more rapidly as pumps work harder, and residues foul heat transfer surfaces. Left unchecked, this can ultimately lead to complete system failure, costly repairs, and the need for fluid replacement.

Through ORG CHEM Group’s “Fluid Maintenence Program” customers can send us their degraded heat transfer fluids. We remove those contaminants responsible for degraded performance and then return what’s left.  Fluids reclaimed in this way dramatically extend fluid use-life, and savings versus the cost or virgin replacement fluid.  

ORG CHEM Group also offers virgin fluids to top off any yield lost in reprocessing the material.  This gives you one source for fluid maintenance, fluid recycle and purcahse of new virgin fluids. 


For more information on our services please contact:

Wayne Sparck, Techncial Services Manager - (812) 759-8337  wsparck@chem-group.com